Why Yoga Pants are Dangerous: Fact or Fiction?

Why Yoga Pants are Dangerous- Fact or Fiction-

When Are Yoga Pants Appropriate?

For some women, yoga pants are a part of their everyday uniform. These women may have yoga pants for working out, yoga pants for lounging around the house, their best yoga pants for going out and about with friends, and many others. But are yoga pants appropriate for every occasion? Some people think yoga pants are dangerous, but the truth is they are so popular for a reason.

The Downside to Yoga Pants

Not everyone is a fan of yoga pants, and some people believe there are good reasons behind that. Some feel that yoga pants are inappropriate for young people especially as they are tight fitting and can be made from a thin material. If a skirt or long shirt is not worn on top, yoga pants can be quite revealing. Some schools have even banned yoga pants for this very reason on the grounds that yoga pants on girls can be distracting to male students, as detailed here.

Yoga pants are not flattering on every body type, as they tend to cling and reveal body flaws. Some young women are extremely self-conscious in yoga pants. While yoga pants will stretch if you gain weight, they may not look good on you if the pants are ill fitting.

Some people feel that yoga pants are a lazy way to dress. They can become a uniform of sorts for teens and women who like them, and yoga pants are not appropriate for every occasion. Some prominent cultural icons have come out against yoga pants, like Fran Lebowitz. For instance, never wear yoga pants to a formal occasion or job or school interview.

So why wear yoga pants?

First of all, why do women love yoga pants so much? Well, they are usually made of a combination of cotton and spandex, making them very comfortable because they move with your body with ease. The cotton also makes yoga pants breathable which is perfect for warmer weather when you don’t want to overheat.

Wearing yoga pants also means that you are able to work out at whatever point of the day works for you. You will be ready for an impromptu lunchtime walk or to climb the jungle gym with your kids after school.

There are many varieties of yoga pants, many of them are solid colored and resemble leggings and can be paired with a long tee shirt or sweater, while others are brightly patterned to wear with a sports bra and tank top. There are even yoga pants that are cut in a “dress pants” style. With these pants, you could easily pair your yoga pants with a button down shirt and blazer and wear them to the office.

Yoga pants are easy care. They can be thrown right in the washing machine and dryer and are generally shrink proof. You can also save time by not needing to iron your yoga pants, the stretchy material yoga pants don’t wrinkle. This is also what makes yoga pants ideal for travel, they will be comfortable for long car or plane rides while also remaining fresh looking and not rumpled by the time you arrive.

So the bottom line is if you love your yoga pants, there’s no reason to give them up. Just remember to have other items in your wardrobe as well for times that require a bit more formality and style. And as more places are enacting dress codes that prohibit yoga pants, it’s a good idea to check before going out to see if they are allowed.