Wordplay Wednesday: Competition

Lingers in the air
A thickness
That separates
Me now from you
Defenses elevated
Skepticism awakened
Observations acute
Afraid of past repeating
In present
Indicating progress
Not made
Unclear if perceptions
Are real or imagined
Proceeding with caution
I wait

Written in January of 2011, when I was worried that a friend of mine was flirting with a guy I liked.

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About Sarah McKinney

Sarah McKinney is an entrepreneur, market researcher, writer, musician, poet and yogi. Writing poetry has always been a natural part of her process, used as a way to gain clarity on, and express, what's going on inside. She currently lives in Santa Monica where you can find her doing all the cliched things people in Santa Monica do, and loving every minute of it. Learn more at: http://sarahmck.com/