Wordplay Wednesday: Don’t Go Gently Into That Good Night

"The LORD is my Light..."Shining light into dark places is going to bring to light what was not seeable otherwise.
Illumination may well show you the true nature of things as they are, not as you had imagined or wanted.
It can be unsettling. Shadows will dance.

Because you are going to see the true nature of the relationships you hold most dear to you, and the perception of you within them.


The light of awareness may just show you that you are ultimately alone – more alone than you had ever known or imagined.

But as the searing light falls upon those dancing shadows, know that if met with equanimity and acceptance, you will see ultimately that every black detail of this revelation is a deeply beautiful gift.

Finally, and with undoable knowledge Рyou now know the Truth. You will not, again, look for something where it is not. The Truth will have been spoken. And it will be heard in all its terrible glory:  you are not wanted, understood or supported.
And in this message there is the fiercest kind of  beauty.

Because in this message, there is liberation. And the deepest healing.
You may finally- at last – stop running.
You finally see. You finally know.
Never again will you delude yourself into thinking something is what it is not.
And this is beautiful.

‘Do not go gently in to that good night..’

Be prepared to see your image shine back at you standing all alone – as others cut loose from you, insisting your difference, screaming a shrill and loud rejection of you.

Know that in this too, when met with internal stillness, there is beauty.
There is cleansing.
The old is falling away.

Clean Sense.
This is the gift of shining lights in the dark.
This is the gift of diwali and eclipses.
The festival of light and shadows.
Ultimately the work of the light is for healing.

Illumination will remove shadows.
And relieved of chasing shadows – you are finally, forever free.
The Truth Is Beautiful.

Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Welcome the Light

Originally posted on my website, The Modern Girl’s Guide to Spirituality
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