Wordplay Wednesday: Please

Snapshot 2011-05-13 06-19-56
I used to want you to know me
Right away
Everything shoved in your face
As if limited time
Would prevent you from seeing
All I have to offer
Motivated by fear
I tried
To force a connection
To make you laugh
To get your attention
I’d boast and I’d prance
Tell you what I know
I’d sing
Gripped by the desperation
To be liked
Now I try to pause
To have faith in the flow
To let things evolve
And naturally unfold
To wait to be asked
And loosen my grasp
Not always have to control
To see when I’m hooked
And start trying to please
To stop
And breathe

I wrote this in January of 2011, as I was becoming more aware of my people-pleasing ways:)