Words to Inspire Your New Year

Last year, many of our Intent team chose words to focus on in 2014.
Words like “courage” or “fun” became our banners for the days to come and, speaking personally, having a simple focus made life so much easier.
My word being “fun”, I would ask myself:
“What is the fun option?” 
“Would this be fun to me?”
“Which choice is more fun?”
It didn’t always mean that my choice was the most frugal or the most realistic.
It simply meant that whatever I was doing was the most fun.
The singular focus was so helpful in easing the anxiety and complication of decision-making which happened to be my issue at the time.

This year I’ll choose a new word. I encourage you to do the same.
Some options?

1. Brave

Definitions of bravery include “ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage.” I’m not a super fan of running headlong into danger or pain but being ready to face it means that you can move forward with your choices without fear. You are prepared for any outcome. You might ask yourself:
“What is the brave choice?”
“How do I feel when I’m being brave?”
2. Peace
peaceWhether you are specifically dealing with anger management or just desiring to end the struggle between what you want and what is, peace might be your choice for the year.
You might ask yourself:
“What is the quickest way to bring peace in this situation?”
“What does peace feel like?”
“Is this battle worth more than peace?”
“Am I okay right now?”
3. Explore
exploreExplore might mean for one person that they plan to do more traveling this year. It might also mean that you take the figurative road less traveled. You get one life to live and if your favorite food is grilled cheese, that’s wonderful, unless of course you’ve only ever had grilled cheese. This might be your time to step our of your comfort zones, experience new things, make new choices- explore! You might ask yourself:
“Which is the new choice for me?”
“If I could go anywhere, where would it be?”
“Have I tried this before?”
4. Family
familyIt could be that your desire is to spend more time focused on the family you have. Maybe it is to create a sense of family amongst the people in your life. A word like “family” speaks moreso speaks to a sense a priority. This year, if you’re trying to decide what is most important in your life, this could could be your word! You might ask yourself:
“Who (or what) is my family?”
“Will this strengthen my family or weaken it?”
“How do I feel when I’m with my family?”
5. Fire
fireIt doesn’t take a lot of work to think of people in your life who appear to be on auto-pilot. Despite all that is going on in the world, you can still just coast through and ultimately that is more of a coping mechanism than a way to really live. If you’re desire is to find what you’re passionate about or to get some feeling back into those bones, “fire” might be your word. You might ask yourself:
“Is this something that excites me?”
“What causes/ideas/experiences keep me awake at night?”
“Where do I see injustice happening?”

You don’t have to choose any of these words.
You don’t have to choose any words at all!
But we do encourage you to dream about this upcoming year.
Ideally, what would it be like? Who would you be at the end of it?
The answers to those questions could surely use a little bit of planning once your vision starts to solidify. Set your intentions. Write down your goals. Dream big!
All images borrowed kindly from WeHeartIt