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I love yoga.  I love going to my local yoga studio.  I am not sure why it is so hard for me to get my butt out the door and into the yoga studio!  But it is a challenge.  I don’t have any problem going to CrossFit classes.  It is a strange phenomenon!

I was talking to a friend about this and she has the same issue.  She told me she now does yoga classes at home in her living room using  She said that the classes are great and there were many to choose from, plus the yearly membership is only $85.95 which is less than a 1 month membership at most yoga studios.  They also offer 1 free class per week to non-members. It all sounded great to me!

I signed up for the 2 week free-trial and did a few classes in the comfort of my living room.  I couldn’t believe the huge selection of classes!  You can choose classes based on skill level, instructor, and focus.  The videos are high quality and the streaming works perfectly.

I signed up for a year membership and will combine my home practice with my visits to my favourite yoga studio.  For me, it is the perfect combo!  Plus I can take with me when I am traveling.

If you want to try yoga at home, check out their 2 week free-trial and see how you like it!

To your health,

Kim Duess
You Be Healthy

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