How to be Your Own Yoga Instructor


It’s common to feel distracted after a long day, but sometimes this can put your mind in a different place entirely when you’re trying to focus on relaxing your mind, body, and soul. Yoga and meditation have come a long way in recent years and with the help of some new technology, you may be able to get the most out of this time with yourself. The following tech can help you correct your posture, breathe, relax, and keep track of the progress you make while meditating and doing yoga.


This crowdfunded project started on IndiGoGo with the intent to help any level yogi refine their practice. With the SmartMat, users are able to get feedback on their posture, alignment, and balance in real time using sensors embedded throughout the mat. It’s able to connect to your smartphone via bluetooth and track your data and progress on the corresponding app. You no longer have to stress out about getting to your yoga classes on time as the SmartMat will act as your own personal trainer at home.


Yoga should be a time for calm and relaxation – not stress. To help combat the pressure and tension of your day, the WellBe bracelet aims to positively affect your well-being. The bracelet is another crowd funded project from IndieGoGo and has over one thousand funders looking to better their stress levels. Today, is seems as though many of us are rushing through life and keeping ourselves so busy that there is no time to focus on our own emotional and mental health. The WellBe bracelet connects to the smartphone app which offers a variety of resources to help you relax: meditation, breathing, guided imagination, and personalized programs and playlists in response to your stress triggers. All of this is aimed to help combat discomfort and stress in order to help you live a better quality life.

Misfit Flash

This wearable device is an all-in-one encompassing fitness band and is aiming to add smart compatible home automation functions such as smart lights, security systems, and thermostats. With the Misfit Flash, the user is able to track their physical activity, which is ideal when you are practicing yoga and want to see your progress. The Flash records your calories burned, distance traveled, steps taken, and your sleep patterns to make sure your health and fitness are at top condition. It also acts as a motivator with embedded LED lights to show your daily progress and to help your reach your goals.


Similar to the WellBe, the Spire is a stress-reliever but the one feature that makes it stand out is its breath-tracking abilities. Oftentimes, we are not aware of our breathing patterns and this can be a problem when trying to relax or focus. The Spire is a uniquely shaped wearable that clips onto your clothes (and should be as close to your body as possible for it to work efficiently) and tracks your breathing patterns. If it detects that you have been sitting too long or your breathing is irregular, it will send you a notification instructing you to breathe deep or get up from your chair. Since the Spire works to help your breathing throughout the day, it creates immeasurable value for both your mind and body.


One key element in living a comfortable and healthy life is your body posture. With the Prana disk, which clips onto your pants, wearers are able to adjust their posture throughout the day. In turn, this helps you breathe better and more efficiently. Additionally, better posture strengthens the neck, shoulders, and back and helps you focus.The Prana tracks and provides data sent to your smartphone so users will be able to see a visual of their breathing patterns. Breathing exercises from around the world are also made available to help figure out which method is best for each individual.

With new and promising technologies now available to aid us in our everyday lives, we will be able to focus on ourselves effectively and effortlessly. As long as we are willing to be open to new opportunities, our well-being will be positively affected and we will be able to live our lives to the highest quality.