You Were Born Awesome

Let's Fly!Your were born awesome. We all are. But whether you live awesome is entirely up to you.

We were not born with an owner’s manual so we don’t initially know what makes us awesome. We do, however, have the daily opportunity to tune into our lives – to be really present – to observe and assess how we respond, react and think about things. All of this gives us information – data – about what we are rock at and what we stink at. We need this information.

As we tune into our responses, we start to see that our talents, strengths and passions – even our dreams – as clues to what makes us awesome. Discover and follow these clues and you can create the most amazing life. Don’t discover or follow these and you find that your life looks like someone else’s life. You miss out. We all miss out. Because when you show up awesome, you change things for all of us.

What stops us from living awesome? Three things:

1. We let others tell us what awesome means for us. An important thing to know about being awesome is that we are the only ones who can define it. Others can’t tell us about what makes us awesome. We are the only ones with the direct connection to our thinking, feeling, passions and awareness – we are the only ones who can decode what makes us unique and different. So we must, early on, discover what our definition of awesome is so we can stay clear and strong when others feel the need to tells us who we should be, what we should do and how we should live. It is important to know the difference between TrueYou and You-on-View.

TrueYou is who you really are, regardless of what others say or expect. This is your connection to what makes you awesome. You-on-View is the you that shows up when you let others decide for you – you become who they want you to be instead of who you truly are. This is when you give away what makes you awesome – generally to fit in, be liked or feel like you belong. Never give your awesome away. Just because others don’t understand it, doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome. It is what makes each of us different, unique and amazing.

 2. We think awesome is for others, not us. We don’t think we are capable of awesome – average will have to do for us. My favorite Michelangelo quote is, “The greatest danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark.” Since we are each born awesome, shouldn’t we have higher expectations of our selves and of others? Great is what we are called to be; average is what many of us choose. So, why does greatness scare us and why do we think it is only available to a few? My guess is that we think greatness means being famous – and that it is limited to a few. Greatness or awesomeness is part of all of us because it means living full out – being our absolute best and being intentional in how we show up to your life. Awesomeness can be in how we work, parent, swim, cook or write. It can be in our approach to our marriage, what we feel about animals or how we can do high-level math formulas. It just means that when we decide to show up to the events in our lives, we connect to and rely on what makes us great as the source of our inspiration and attitude about how we live. Go for big – because life’s too big to play small.

 3. It’s too much work to be awesome. We think that greatness means hours of practice and total self-denial about the things we want in life. It is actually just the opposite. When we are aware of what makes us awesome, we connect in to our best and most natural abilities. These are the attributes that come easily to us. Think for a minute about the workplace. Imagine how difficult it is for a salesman to do an accountant’s job, and vice versa. Neither has the abilities or interest for the other’s job and as a result, the effort needed is so much greater. But put the accountant in the accountant’s job and his love of process, logic, analysis and numbers come easily. It is part of what makes him awesome. And the better he is at it, the more he enjoys it and the more he improves, grows and develops. Being awesome is like that. It gives us the ability to soar – not in everything – but in our particular things. Discover these things and life actually can get easier.

It is true you were born awesome. Someone greater than you thought you should be you and equipped you with some of the most amazing abilities – unique to you – just for you. So don’t try to be someone else. They have their gifts and their definition of awesome; you have yours.

And once you discover your amazing abilities, go out and live them. Go live your awesomeness. Go live your greatness. Find ways to bring what is amazing about you into your world.

Being born awesome – great. Living what makes you awesome – priceless.

photo by: Hamed Saber