Your pain holds the key to your happiness.

It’s been a long time ago, but I still remember how it felt: the sense of groundness, solidness. The feeling of having come together, of a void within being filled at last. Filled with me.

Now I am complete, I thought. Now I am solid, now I have gravity, now I can feel how my feet planted solidly upon the earth. Now I feel like myself, I thought at that moment. The moment when I accepted my pain, when I embraced my trauma, when I acknowledged my anger, my hatred, my spite and my fear.

In that moment I felt my form rounding up, all the empty disowned places filling up with content, with meaning. In that moment I understood myself. I owned myself. I was myself.

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About Pausha Foley

I live in a world where trees are friends, mountains are peers, animals and humans are partners and allies. In my world there are no rules, truths nor ways of being, there is only being whatever I wish to be in whatever way I like.